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At Cardinal Strategies, our mission is simple: We help our clients achieve their objectives, doing so with the utmost integrity. With extensive experience in the legislative process, state government, and economic development, Cardinal Strategies is uniquely positioned to advance your agenda.

Our Focus

Eric Shields has over 12 years of experience working with the Indiana General Assembly and state government. He is responsible for the development of programs and legislation intended to enhance Indiana’s economy, as well as strategies to make them a reality. Shields shaped and implemented the Indiana Regional Cities Initiative, including managing its $126 million in funding. He was also instrumental in the passage of Right to Work legislation in 2012 that directly improved Indiana’s national business climate ranking.

In 2013, he played an integral role in securing non-stop passenger air service between Indianapolis and San Francisco, which has led to further state support for air service efforts in recent years. In addition, Shields negotiated tax incentives associated with 31 redevelopment projects across the state of Indiana that led to over $500 million in new investment.

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